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Get in touch with Trinity Railway Express and seek assistance, provide feedback, or access relevant information about the commuter rail service. At TRE, we aim to ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience for passengers commuting between the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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Trip Planning Assistance

Contact Trinity Metro at 817.215.8600 or DART at 214.979.1111 for assistance with planning a trip.

Lost & Found

Trinity Railway Express & DART call 214.749.3810
Trinity Metro call 817.215.8600

Trinity Metro

Address: 801 Grove St, Forth Worth, TX 76102
Customer Care (routes & schedules): 817.215.8600


Address: 1401 Pacific Ave, Dallas, TX 75202
Customer Information Center (routes & Schedules): 214.979.1111
Customer Response Center (comments/suggestions): 214.749.3333